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Boiler Chemical Pump

Boiler Chemical Pump

Our company widely recognized presentations that use boiler chemical metering pumps are in the invention, water, sustenance preparing, and different enterprises where exact stream rate is basic. This incorporates undertakings, for example, the creation treatment of water in boilers for use in cooling towers, or when working consumable water. Our professional teams are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of boiler, metering, feed, mill and water pump in Mumbai India to worldwide. Different applications incorporate tasks, for example, wastewater treatment, for the mixing of fluids in sustenance preparing plants, to decrease frictional misfortunes while moving oil or fluid flammable gas in pipelines, and numerous others.

Standard Capacities Offered

Offered Material of Constructions (MOC) : SS 316, SS 304,Hastalloy B,Hastalloy C, Carbon Steel, Alloy 20, PP, Teflon

Pressure can be offered up to 100 Bar

Also known as

  • Positive Displacement Pumps
  • Alum Pumps
  • Boiler Chemical Metering Pumps
  • Chemical Pumps
  • Pharmaceutical Pumps
  • Flocculant Dosing pumps
  • Simplex Pumps