About us

Technomech Pumps are a leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Chemical, Dosing, Salt, Slurry, Antiscalant, Wastewater, Treatment, Caustic, Metering & Water Pump and Systems in India. We have a wide range of products to cater all your metering applications. Our products range such as Plunger and Diaphragm Type Reciprocating Pumps and various types of chemical dosing pump and systems as per the customer's requirements.

Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Metering Pumps, Dosing Pumps, Plunger Type & Diaphragm Type , Pressure Relief Valves, Suction Strainer, Waste Water, Salt, Treatment Slurry, Antiscalant, Caustic & Pulsation Dampeners.

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Organisational Goal

Our organization goal is to achieve consumer satisfaction and providing guaranteed high quality, high durable, high functional, products to the end users and clients

Strength Policy

Technomech Pumps will become a Total Quality Company by continuously improving all our work processes to satisfy our internal and external customers

Business Policy

Wide range of High performance pumps all under one Roof, Commitment to uncompromising Quality & durability Competitive pricing Minimum response time